Websites and Translation Services...

I no longer offer website design services as my day-to-day work, because I have been running a successful language academy in Playa San Juan for the past 4 years which now takes up the majority of my time. It's therefore not worth my while to do cheap websites. I take pride in what I do, and 'cheap' isn't a word I want to be associated with... value for money, yes. Cheap, no.

I still specialise in producing static and dynamic web pages for businesses in Tenerife, the Canary Islands, Spain, United States and the United Kingdom, but now I tend to maintain the sites of the few specialised clients I have. I don't advertise and all work I receive is by word of mouth. I don't really take on new clients, but if you are looking for a designer, then I may have some availability... feel free to contact me.

I do a lot more translations these days, so if you need a translation between English, Spanish, German or French, Please contact us and send us a word count of your text to ask for a basic quote.