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30/7-10 at 07.20

Not blogged in a while... I have just been toooo busy... so I thought it'd be good to write a few words and get back on track. Needless to say it's bloody hot here in Tenerife at the moment. I think this is coming up to our third heatwave... and having to sit in front of a computer which kicks out more heat is not really conducive to a great working environment, but hey! Who am I to complain... I could be in the UK in the rain! I was hoping to have some time off over the kids summer holidays, but I keep being approached for new projects. I did manage to have a break the other day though, we took a trip up to Santa Cruz and waited in line for 2 hours to see the World Cup. What a sight that was! We got some good photos of the whole family touching the cup, which has been blown up and framed. Definitely a day to remember that I doubt will ever be done again in my lifetime... and the kids have a photo to show their grandkids (my great grandkids!!!!) in years to come. Congratulations Spain :) ...more

18/5-09 at 01.47

There seems to be more and more talk recently about the state of the World's economy... and the Tenerife Forum, an online community made up of expats and visitors to Tenerife, is no different. The trouble I find with such touristic communities is that when you read it you get the impression that it is a local occurence, whereas the whole World is suffering and people are feeling the pinch everywhere with businesses failing the world over. It's not nice, but it's the cyclytic way that economies work... and some people will benefit from even the downturns, the key is to make the best of it for your personal situation and not to dwell on the doom and gloom of it all! So... this brings me on to Tenerife. Yes, businesses are failing. Yes, bars are closing. Yes the prices seem a bit high to people who come from countries that use the pound sterling for their currency. You may (and many are) argue that businesses in Tenerife need to drop their prices to come into line with the plumetting value of the pound, but why? What would this change in a worldwide economic depession? Will dropping prices make ...more

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