Hosting Services

If you already have a website, or you have decided to build your own, you will need to buy some 'space' on the internet in order to host your site and make it accessible to the general internet community.

You could get yourself some freespace from any number of companies that offer this service, however freespace usually comes with ads, either in the form of banner advertisements that will mess with your design, or pop-up/pop under ads, which are annoying and may deter visitors from returning to your site.

If you have your own hosting package, not only will your website be ad free, but also if you choose to have any ads, you are in control of them - you can choose to display ads that are in tune with your site content and you can charge others to put their ads on your site, giving you an extra source of revenue.

Using the latest technology, our hosting server is extremely reliable and efficient providing a guaranteed ‘uptime’* of 100% whereas on average the guaranteed uptime* is 99.5%.

Our hosting is with a company based in Canada - a country renowned for it's excellent hosting servers. You will benefit from their years of expertise, 24 hour online support plus a low-call customer services number if you prefer to speak to a real person.

Also, due to the scale of hosting that is provided, you will find the price extremely competitive. We can virtually guarantee that if you shop around you will find it hard to find a better deal.

To find out more about Hosting, or to set up an account, please click here to take you to the Superb Internet Hosting Site.

Alternatively, if you require a minimal hosting package, we also recommend CJ Hosting in the UK who offer competative packages from as little as £20 a year.

These packages are ideal from smaller scale websites and we have used them for several clients in the past.

Their support system is also excellent and for the price, they have very good packages for businesses and websites that will not need intensive use of bandwidth or harddisk space.

Click here to visit the CJ Hosting website.