Portfolio of Clients

Different people like different styles and designs, however I can basically put together any design you want for your business. What I usually suggest to clients is to spend a day or two surfing the internet and noting down addresses of sites they like the look of... whether it be the colours, style, etc. This then gives me an idea of their preferences.

Below are a number of designs I have done in the past. Please bear in mind that the designs are done to meet the requirements and preferences of each particular client. So, if there's some on here that aren't your style, it doesn't mean I can't meet your specifications.

Some of the websites below are still in development, whereas others may not be in existence anymore. Where possible, I have put a link to a functioning page so you can see any multimedia or dynamic content in action, but in some cases I am no longer able to and only a screenshot is available. Rest assured, any missing photos or links are because a page is a demo for portfolio purposes and not because I have put it on the internet that way!

The Designs